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May 9, 2021

In Episode 36 of BEST HIRE EVERKris Dunn talks with Shuba Gopal about what's going on in the world of people analytics. Transitioning 5 years ago from the world of cancer research, Shuba shares what people analytics should look like for any CHRO or Talent Acquisition leader and also breaks down the current state of DEI and Gender Pay Equity analytics as well.

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1:45 - Shuba didn't start on the people analytics side of the business, so KD asks her to break down her days in Cancer research and why she was interested in People Analytics.

6:30 - KD asks Shuba to describe how HR has better data than in Cancer research.  Crazy but true - People Data is better than cancer research data!

10:40 - Shuba gives her advice to HR leaders on the best way to get started with people analytics - providing the top 3 areas she would focus a new HR leader to dig into. 

19:45 - KD asks Shuba to provide a similar top 3 list for analytical focus on the recruiting side of the house. What are the top 3 areas she would focus a TA/recruiting leader on to turn around a struggling recruiting function?

28:03 - KD and Shuba talk about how data can be used to convert more leaders to understand the importance of DEI. What’s a way data can be used to convert people to the mission of recruiting all types of people in the average American company?

32:58 - Shuba talks about her work in the area of gender Pay equity, and give observations on some things she's learned about pay equity that are broadly true across the US. KD and Shuba also talk about the at times controversial adjustment of salaries for experience and time in the workforce prior to discussing gaps.

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