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Apr 11, 2021

In Episode 32 of BEST HIRE EVERKris Dunn runs down the recent blowout vote by Amazon employees to say "No" to union representation at the company's Bessemer, AL Distribution Center. 

KD talks a bit about the media coverage, POTUS endorsements and more that negatively piled on Amazon, then provides 10 things to know about organizing in general and specific notes of interest on the Amazon vote and how monumental the "No" delivered by employees actually was.

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3:45 - KD starts with some basics of how union organizing works.

5:22 - KD discusses the fact that the union organizing process at the Amazon DC had a lot of friends on the left, including POTUS, most mainstream media, Hollywood and more. 

7:58 - KD talks a bit more about the organizing process that a union follows to get to an employee vote to give you more context.

9:50 - KD talks about the fact that most unions want 50-70% of employees to sign authorization cards before presenting to the NLRB because they understand many of the cards will be signed under duress and employee will flip back to the company side.

11:18 - Coverage of the fact that most organizing campaigns never get to a vote is because employees who don’t care for union representation get wind of the secret card signings going on and report it to the company in question.

12:20 - KD covers the voting results. The union got absolutely crushed in this thing. 

16:00 - Amazon was helped by expanding the number of voters in the election. This is called defining and expanding the “unit” in any union election.

21:00 - It’s obvious that the employees at the Amazon DC voted in a way that suggests for many, working for Amazon is one of the best jobs they’ve had related to pay, benefits, etc.

23:15 - After this result, the Biden administration and the media will push the narrative that employees were influenced in an unethical way by Amazon and will use that as a narrative to push through new laws and NLRB rules. Don’t believe it, remember “FOE”

25:52 - To really blow your mind, KD covers the act that this election was held 100% by mail-in voting due to COVID and what opportunity that provides for a union attempting to organize. Still, they got 16%, which speaks volumes on the intent and wishes of the Amazon employee base at the Bessemer Distribution Center.