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May 2, 2021

In Episode 35 of BEST HIRE EVERKris Dunn talks with Chris Stanzione, longtime TA leader across multiple industries about the challenges and best practices of hiring knowledge workers in consulting, tech and more. Chris talks about what elevated TA/Recruiting looks like in the consulting/tech space as well as where to look for great project ROI as a TA/Recruiting leader. The answers Chris gives for "If TA/Recruiting were a movie, which one would it be" as well as "most important tool in TA" is worth the listen alone!

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4:25 - Why did Chris get into TA?  What’s made him stay?

6:55 - What does elevated TA look like to Chris in the intellectual capital/consultant/tech recruiting world?

9:30 - What does Chris believe the most important change/project a TA leader should look to make/do to get great ROI in support of a intellectual capital/consultant/tech recruiting business?

13:00 - KD asks Chris the tough questions - If TA were a movie which would it be?

16:45 - Chris talks about how the last year impacted the talent supply in the intellectual capital/consultant/tech recruiting segment?

27:30 - TA Tech – what’s the one tool you can’t live without as a TA leader? Chris goes off the grid and focuses on "sense of humor" as the best tool!

30:00 - KD flips the question and asks Chris for the most important tool a recruiter in the intellectual capital/consultant/tech recruiting space can have. Chris points out curiosity as the key!

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