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Apr 25, 2021

In Episode 34 of BEST HIRE EVERKris Dunn talks with John Nykolaiszyn · Director, Business Career Services at FIU Business, on the current state and art of campus recruiting. John and Kris discuss a wide range of topics, including choices employers have to make when creating campus recruiting programs, what college students are looking for in 2021 and more.  A great show with an expert in his field!

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4:30 - John breaks down his background, which includes great experience in corporate and agency recruiting before him landing in Career Services at FIU - a background that uniquely prepared him for his role at FIU. 

9:37 - John shares with Kris what employers looking to establish a relationship with a career services function at a distinguished school like FIU need to do to get long term results from the relationship.

12:54 - Kris asks John what the biggest mistake employers new to the campus recruiting scene make. What’s a trap that employers with less experience in this world might fall into?

21:31 - Kris asks John if there’s a slotting process that employers need to consider when they think about where they should spend the campus recruiting time they have? Based on their relative position in the marketplace, should they go where they have the best chances for success?  Kris asks John to describe what that would look like for him if he was leading the employer-side of this?

29:00 - Kids, man. KD asks John for the biggest change that employers need to know with a new grad hiring in 2021 that is dramatically even from 5 years ago?

39:10 - KD and John talk more about the kids. Where are kids better from a career prep perspective than they were 5 years ago? Are there any areas that have slipped?

45:35 - KD asks John for the % of parents that are helicoptering? 

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