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Apr 17, 2021

In Episode 33 of BEST HIRE EVERKris Dunn talks with long time sales leader Karlie Jessop (Big Health, ADP, Xerox) about the art of hiring great sales talent. KD and Karlie talk about her growing up in the classic Xerox sales organization and her style as a sales leader when it comes to hiring.

Karlie also breaks down what she thinks has changed in sales hiring during and post-COVID, hiring virtually rather than bringing candidates in, as well as her favorite interview question when it comes to sales interviews.  Great stuff from one of KD's favorite sales leaders!

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3:40 - Kris and Karlie talk about her background, including being a sales pro and sales leader at Xerox, ADP and more.  Unbelievable training grounds for sales pro and sales leaders. Karlie talks about how it all came together in her career.  
14:05 - Karlie's in a new industry – mental health – and talks about how does building a salesforce for this business differs from what she's done in the past.
20:05 - Karlie talks about her experience building great sales teams as a sales leader – regardless of the industry, what’s the same and what’s changed related to finding, attracting and landing great sales talent? 
25:53 - KD asks Karlie how being a woman leader helps her in her role as a sales leader? What barriers does that present?  

34:00 - Karlie and KD talk about high-end sales candidates – what’s changed during and coming off COVID related to what they are looking for?  If a sales pro is gainfully employed, does she think they’re harder to get to make a move coming off the pandemic?  
37:03 - What's Karlie's favorite interview question when interviewing sales candidates? 
41:10 How did Karlie change her interviewing style and onboarding focus as a result of this unique pandemic theme? 
46:35 - Karlie tells KD about her best hire ever!

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