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Nov 1, 2020

In Episode 19 of BEST HIRE EVERKris Dunn chats with Corey Burns, Director of Recruiting and Development at General RV Center, about what it's like to recruit for a business that is booming (not struggling) during COVID-19.

Corey and KD discuss Corey's dual title of recruiting and development, how high end and entry level candidate pools have morphed during the aftermath of COVID, hiring manager behavior during COVID searches and more.

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2:00 - KD asks Corey about his dual role in recruiting and learning and development - Corey explains the connection.

4:35 - Corey breaks down the RV business, why it's blowing up during COVID, what that means for recruiting and more.

7:14 - KD asks Corey about the experience of going into a pandemic-flavored recession as an employer with lots of open jobs - what's the candidate pool like and what are the challenges?

10:00 - Corey talks about the fact that jobs under 50K have become harder, while jobs above 50K are easier to fill.  KD and Corey talk about the reasons for this reality and the trends in the under 50K candidate pool.

13:00 - KD asks Corey to comment on what he noticed about candidate behavior once they had applied or were sourced - what was important to those candidates? Corey talks about the increase in candidates wanting to know how the company treated employees during COVID, what their plan was, etc.

19:30 - Corey talks about changes to the recruiting process to deal with the smaller available pipeline during COVID, specifically a bigger focus on the referral program.

24:10 - KD asks Corey about Hiring Manager behavior during COVID - why hiring managers might behave like they did in the past recession, expecting an endless supply of candidates due to increasing unemployment rates.

28:30 - KD asks Corey to think about the RV space and make a recommendation on what RV he would put the Dunn family in if he was a sales pro at General RV Center. 


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