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Oct 11, 2020

In Episode 17 of BEST HIRE EVERKris Dunn chats with Kenny Nguyen, CEO and co-founder of ThreeSixtyEight, on the power of leaders who run businesses going ALL IN to invest their time, money and resources back into the communities they live in. Kenny shares his story of why he's ALL IN to helping Baton Rouge be everything it can be and why Kenny's business pursuits always intersect with making Baton Rouge as good as it can be.

Along the way, KD and Kenny talk about how leaders at all types of companies can become more involved in the cities they live in and the benefits of doing so.

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2:17 – Kenny and KD start with the normal stuff – where Kenny grew up, went to college and what happened when he got out of college – why did he stay in Baton Rouge?

10:20 – Kenny breaks down the term “Cajun Asian” for KD, and talks about being an underdog as an entrepreneur.

12:20 – Kenny talks about when he knew he was not only going to stay in Baton Rouge, but he was going ALL IN on Baton Rouge?

13:56 – KD and Kenny talk about his triple play going on related to his investment in Baton Rouge – he started a business, invested in a restaurant and even did to a conference series called “Assembly Required” where he brings in speakers to BR to raise the talent level in his city.

18:55 – KD asks Kenny on what he gets by being so focused on Baton Rouge. They discuss what’s in it for him, and the synergies he has seen by having so much of his life tied up in his local community.

20:45 – Kenny shares his advice for executives who want to get more involved in their local communities.  He recommends a book, “Wealth: Is it Worth It” by the founder of Chik-fil-A.

23:10 - KD asks Kenny whether he has tried other things related to community involvement that didn't work. Kenny shares great stories on projects that didn't work, including one called "Stance!"



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