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Mar 19, 2021

In Episode 30 of BEST HIRE EVERKris Dunn talks to Kinetix CEO Shannon Russo about being a woman founder and the complexities of women rising in the business world. With the backdrop of Women's History Month, Shannon shares her story and compares and contrasts what she experienced coming up as a Wall Street analyst vs what women experience in 2021. Spoiler alert - it's complicated!

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3:00 - Shannon gives the listeners a rundown of her background - more finance than HR or recruiting, but all TA and recruiting since founding Kinetix in 2004.

9:10 - KD asks Shannon how she made it in a male dominated world?  Shannon shares she never thought about it that way, and that might be a key.  Shannon talks about how she was raised, growing up around brothers (note she has a sister who's a firefighter) 

17:28 - KD asks Shannon to describe how it's harder for career-oriented women today than when she was starting out?  How’s it easier?  

22:03 - Shannon shares her nuggets of wisdom for women who want to become business leaders in today’s world

29:09 - KD asks Shannon to describe her style related to mentoring women in today’s business world. Shannon thinks it's easier for her as a woman to mentor than it is for men in 2021. Shannon focuses mentees on not being the victim and also the danger of imposter's syndrome sneaking into the heads of women she coaches.  

31:49 - KD asks Shannon how men can be better related to being an advocate for women in the workplace. Shannon focuses on men being a coach and staying engaged as an advocate for women in the workplace.   

33:44 - Shannon finishes the following sentence: To really arrive in today’s business world, women need to ____________________.  
40:06 - Shannon talks about the family DNA - she's a woman founder and her sister was a firefighter. How did that happen? Shannon points to athletics as  key.
41.21 - KD asks Shannon for the best piece of work advice she's given her college-age daughter to prepare her for the world of work.


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