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May 7, 2020

On the second episode of BEST HIRE EVER, Kris Dunn talks to Connie Costigan, VP of Communications and Brand Advocacy at Saba Software, about her key in making great hires - the ownership mindset. Connie and KD discuss the challenges of identifying hires with the ability to create and display total ownership as part of the interviewing process.

Related topics discovered and discussed include "storming and norming" and "Connie time", which is really just KD trying to poke fun at Connie and throw her off her game. Connie has none of it, and deflects KD's attempts to disrupt like the communications leader she is!

Deep cuts on this podcast include early lessons from hiring L's, as well as how Connie goes deep in her interviews to uncover ownership markers and the ying/yang nature of humility and ownership mindset as candidates navigate any interview process.


1:30 - KD intros the podcast by gushing about Connie's management style and team - Connie does the "aw shucks" thing.

6:20  - Buzzword alert!! Connie talks about Storming and norming. KD loves it and is going to use it daily.

8:40 - Connie talks about what she learned from early hiring stumbles.

16:00 - Connie tells the story of a past CEO taking her down (for growth!) related to thinking she had to be the smartest person in the room.

16:45 - Connie breaks down her formula for her Best Hires Ever - seeking candidates who are 1) experts in what they do, 2) having humility as part of a team, and 3) THE KEY - having an ownership mindset where they get things done in fluid, ever-changing environment with limited hand-holding.

16:45- KD and Connie talk about hiring subject matter experts who know more than you do as a manager. 

17:45 - Connie breaks down the need for humility as part of team as part of her formula for making a great hire. KD and Connie have a conversation around the fact that interviewing is a balancing act for candidates - they really have to talk about all the great things they do, but do it in a way that doesn't seem ego-filled.  Connie breaks down the markers for humility as part of an interview process - balancing the fact they did great individual things, but had to have other people involved to get it done.  

21:30 - Connie and KD break down ownership mindset - Connie breaks down her specific view of what it is, how to identify it, etc.  Connie talks about the need to maintain visibility as a leader to what others are doing.  Gold standard for ownership mindset - "I don't have to tell you what to do or how to do it.'

23:00 - Connie talks about the markers you'll hear in an interview that indicate someone has an ownership mindset.  KD points out that this is all full of peril for anyone who's interviewing with Connie.

2538- Connie and KD talk about behavioral assessment markers that show someone has an ownership mindset. Cognitive/assertiveness/rules orientation. They end up talking about how they use manuals (spoiler - they don't)

28:50 - Connie talks about the need for people with an ownership mindset also being creators in your company.